Envee Information Technology proffers years of experience and the services of our experts in the area of smartening up an existing EDP department or presenting total IT solution for organizations. 

We have an excellent team reporting structure and onsite support.

 IT Setup
IT setup forms the foundation of any organisation. After an in-depth requirement analysis, our team ensures the use of most appropriate hardware, technology and techniques, thus enhancing the efficiency of your organisation.

IT Support 
For organisations that have an existing IT setup, Envee Information Technology provides Technical and Managerial support for software as well as hardware. Our multi tiered approach deals with networking and hardware issues, expert level troubleshooting and high-end support. 

Managerial support 

•    We build Management Information Systems to improve business processes and operations
•    Conduct executive training programs to create effective leadership in the company
Customized Software Development

Our specialty includes:
•     Skilled team of software professionals with an expertise that includes a wide range of custom programming skills, involving the latest and most 

     effective development technologies
•    Specialization in development on Oracle and MS SQL as a back end and PowerBuilder and Visual Basic as front end.
•    Development for Enterprise applications, Web enabling of legacy systems.
•    Provide services ranging from new application development, customization, to developing additional modules for existing systems.
•    Use of interactive design process to guarantee end user satisfaction.
•    Detailed documentation to facilitate the tasks and increase team productivity
•    Thorough testing that includes software verification and validation as well as fixing bugs, which ultimately reduces the cost of the project
ERP Implementation
Envee Information Technology is responsible for the successful implementation of many private as well as Govt. ERP projects. We have successfully established ERP of J D Edwards, MFG Pro & Pronto (Australia), in small and medium scale organizations. 
Currently, we provide L1/L2 support to ERP package developed in AX Dynamics.
Our ERP package includes: 

A thorough study of the system 
Requirement Analysis of the system
Specifications study
Mapping of the Business Process with the ERP
Implementation of Tier I ERP systems like SAP, Oracle, or Microsoft Dynamics, or Tier II solutions like Epicor, Infor, or JD Edwards, 
Customization of Reports
User training

Software Application Maintenance
Software maintenance forms a major chunk of the overall workload.
Envee Information Technology deals with 
•    Troubleshooting
•    Modifications 
•    Improving performance

Outsourced CIO
Small and Medium sized organizations cannot afford an independent CIO and thus lack direction in IT strategy. Envee Information Technology offers to support these organizations by providing services that would match in-house CIO functions. 
We typically undertake:
•    Gap analysis
•     Develop long term IT strategy 
•     Recommend proper infrastructure
•     Software support for existing and growing needs of the organization along with the right resources 
Web Enabling Services
Envee Information Technology provides the services of design and development of web site for client organization. 
We also, provide the service of Web Enabling of data that enables to feed & share the data from any legacy system to the net so as to share by intranet solution developed by us.
Business Analysis
Many a times Industries want to implement an ERP or want to analyze the feasibility of a current system or simply want to see in what way computerization can help them. Envee Information Technology plays a major role by conducting a thorough analysis of the client organization (industry). Our experts undertake this analysis and provide a perfect solution to the client.

Consultancy / Resource Augmentation 
Envee Information Technology maintains an exhaustive pool of IT talent to meet all the short-term/long-term project needs of organizations. With expertise in a wide range of technologies from Oracle, Microsoft, Sybase etc., we pair up with the best talent at competitive prices. 

We also provide Consultancy for: 
Drawing up the IT Strategy for the organization
Evaluation of ERP and MRP
Business process re-engineering
Software product evaluation
Evaluation of software and hardware requirements for an organization 
System Infrastructural Set-up/Change

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
Envee Information Technology provides a unique, customized model for business process outsourcing.  
We offer to partner with clients who can take advantage of our available strength for their complete or partial outsourcing requirements. 

Some of the services that we render are – 
•     HR processing
•     Recruitment for IT and Non IT sectors in the areas of Mangement, marketing, office assistance and administration    
•     Providing on-contract software testing professionals

Company Setup
With a vast experience and availability of skilled personnel, Envee Information Technology can help an organisation in setting up a new facility.
We can help in:
•    Finalizing the appropriate place to setup an office
•    Legal Registrations which include Shop Act Registration and STPI Registration
•    Acquiring custom licenses
•    Human Resource management
•    IT (computers and LAN) setup

Assessment of Technology exposure 
Envee Information Technology analyses:
•    Level of computerization Penetration of systems in Workflow 
•    Extent of system dependence (as support) for achievement of business targets 
•    Reliance on manual workflow for achievement of business targets 
•    Suggestions for pervasion of systems and re-alignment of workflow. 

This analysis creates detailed documentation of Business processes, which in turn bring about a transparency in the organization & identify present/future bottlenecks.

Accounts Management
Envee Information Technology assists in:
•    Accounting services in Tally
•    ---Book keeping
•    ---Internal Audit
•    ---Tax related matters
•    ---Statutory payments

Assistance in the withdrawal of PF amount


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